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i've found some kind of fairytale.

no • lita • fairy • tale

the wonder baker.
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♫ i want to meet the fish in the milky way galaxy ...

♫ (my heart won't be delivered - i want to deliver it)

[name] erika
[nicknames] taco, mystacorika ausa fende (by way of joh)
[dob] 07/13/1989
[marital status] single.
[occupation] bakery clerk at fred meyer.
[hobbies] art, writing, acting, singing, baking, roleplaying, cosplaying, and generally anything artsy.
[fandoms] tales of, vocaloid, utau, bakemonogatari, pangya, digimon, pokemon, kamichama karin, avatar: the last airbender, tekken, ouran, hagane no renkinjutsushi, inuyasha, naruto, chrno crusade, groove adventure rave, csi: las vegas, too many to list.

♫ on the paper airplane ...

* [carnival of rust] :: [player] :: [mono amane]
* [digital dive] :: [moderator] :: [character listing]
* [siren's pull] :: [player] :: [nadeko sengoku]
* [vatheon] :: [player] :: [kohaku hearts]

♫ (i put all my emotions)

i claim no ownership of gumi. i just roleplay her for fun. also, i claim no ownership of the other characters i roleplay. again, for fun.

journal Llayout by [estiloamor] @ [mintyapple]

i have unfortunately forgotten who is to credit for the vesperia moodtheme. :( if you know, please let me know?

lyrics used in this profile code come from campanella, which is the song in the top part of the code.